Opel Astra Sports Tourer – new add for the compact range

Opel launched the Sports Tourer variant for Astra. Opel has already received more than 130,000 orders for the five-door and Sports Tourer variants.

The youngest member of the compact class station wagon generation follows a tradition to which Opel has continuously been loyal since it introduced its first Kadett A CarAvan in 1963. So far, 5.4 million of the 24 million Kadett and Astra sold have been station wagon versions. The new Astra Sports Tourer is the 10th generation of an Opel compact wagon. Astra Sports Tourer is based on a completely new lightweight vehicle architecture that will make it up to around 190 kilograms lighter than the outgoing model.

Just like its five-door sibling, the Astra Sports Tourer will be available with Opel OnStar and the new IntelliLink infotainment systems ensuring that it has an ultramodern and extensive connectivity offer. The same applies to the numerous safety and assistance systems along with the equipment features previously only known from cars from higher segments. And last but not least, the new Astra Sports Tourer will turn heads with its elegant, lean and athletic styling. The aerodynamics and interior demonstrate perfectly just how intelligent the design and the entire packaging are. With a cd-value of 0.272, the Astra Sports Tourer is just as efficient as the five-door version.
The latest generation Sports Tourer has almost the same dimensions as the outgoing model with a length of 4,702 millimeters, a width of 1,871 millimeters (with exterior mirrors folded in) and a height of 1,510 millimeters – however, it offers much more space for passengers and luggage. The driver can enjoy 26 millimeters of additional headroom, passengers in the rear have 28 millimeters more legroom – two convincing improvements for spatial perception and travelling comfort. In addition, it can now shoulder 1,630 liters of luggage thanks to the efficient packaging.

Opel offers an extremely practical novelty for the new Astra Sports Tourer, which will help on a daily basis: for the first time, the tailgate can be opened without a touch or a remote control. In combination with “Keyless Open” a simple small kicking motion under the rear bumper is enough to open the tailgate. A further kicking motion under the bumper will close the tailgate. The clever system can detect any obstruction and stops the mechanism in case of emergency.

The engine portfolio with outputs ranging from 70 kW/95 hp to 147 kW/200 hp (fuel consumption and CO2 emissions combined: 6.2-3.4 l/100 km; 142-89 g/km) also adds to the aforementioned virtues. The Sports Tourer will only be powered by engines of the latest generation like the diesel and gasoline engines with a displacement range of 1.0 to 1.6 liters.

Numerous innovative assistance systems drawing on the latest generation Opel Eye front camera offer the driver further support – starting with the more extensive and precise Traffic Sign Assist over Lane Keep assist, that even offers active steering corrections in case of an emergency, right up to the Forward Collision Alert with Collision Imminent Braking.

The Astra Sports Tourer is traditionally responsible for around 30 percent of Astra sales in Europe.

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