The MINI 3-door, the MINI 5-door, the MINI Convertible get 2021 updates

The original in the small car premium segment moves to the next stage of its evolution. With an intensive makeover for the MINI 3-door, the MINI 5-door and the MINI Convertible, the British premium automobile manufacturer confirms the position of the three models as the premium providers of driving fun, expressive design and individual style.

20 years after the launch of the modern MINI, the latest model generation presents itself in top form. The concept associated with the relaunch of the brand, namely to build premium cars for the small car segment, has turned into a unique and global success story. Today, MINI is the epitome of agile driving combined with an unmistakable look; it meets the highest standards in terms of technology and quality in its vehicle class. “With the current model revision, the MINI has reached a level of maturity that makes it more exceptional in the small car segment with regard to design, product substance and premium quality, than ever before,” says Bernd Körber, Head of the MINI brand. “The MINI is the original that stands out from the crowd and it continues to reinvent itself again and again.”

The global market launch of the latest edition of the MINI-3 door, MINI 5-door and MINI Convertible models will begin in March 2021. In a model-specific version, the comprehensive design, technology and premium quality update also gives fresh impetus to the all-electric MINI Cooper SE (fuel consumption combined: 0.0 l/100 km (WLTP); combined power consumption: 17.6 – 15.2 kWh/100 km (WLTP), 16.1 – 14.9 kWh/100 km (NEDC); combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km) in continuing its successful push into the electric vehicle segment. The latest version of the extreme athletes, the MINI John Cooper Works (combined fuel consumption: 7.1 – 6.8 l/100 km (WLTP), 7.1 – 6.9 l/100 km (NEDC); combined CO2 emissions: 161 – 155 g/km (WLTP), 163 – 158 g/km (NEDC) and MINI John Cooper Works Convertible (combined fuel consumption: 7.4 -7.1 l/100 km (WLTP), 7.4 – 7.1 l/100 km (NEDC); combined CO2 emissions: 167 – 161 g/km (WLTP), 169 – 163 g/km (NEDC) also benefits from a model-specific further development of their design and their product substance.

A new exterior design language now puts the unmistakable appearance of the MINI in a decidedly purist light. Above all, the enhanced aesthetics ensure that the central design features of the MINI become even more apparent and modern by means of reduction. The front view of the MINI 3-door including the MINI Cooper SE, the MINI 5-door and the MINI Convertible is particularly expressive. It is dominated more than ever by the characteristic radiator grille, the hexagonal surround of which now takes up significantly more space, and by the round hallmark MINI headlights. The position lights are replaced by vertical air inlets placed far to the outside, which serve as an opening for the air curtains in order to optimise aerodynamics. The central bumper strip, which also functions as a number plate holder, is now in body colour rather than in black.

Typical MINI proportions and short overhangs continue to define the side view. The new contours of the wheel arch surrounds are striking. In addition, the side indicators integrated into the redesigned side scuttles now feature LED technology. A reduced surface design characterises the rear view of the combustion engine powered MINI model variants. A black surround picks up the hexagonal shape of the radiator grille. The rear fog light is now integrated into the rear apron as a narrow LED unit.

Contrasting colours for the roof and exterior mirror caps are among the most striking design features that have made MINI a pioneer when it comes to customisation. In addition to the Jet Black, Aspen White and Melting Silver paintwork, as well as Chili Red for the MINI John Cooper Works, an innovative and globally unique variant of the roof paint finish is offered for the MINI 3-door and the MINI 5-door. The new Multitone Roof features a colour gradient from San Marino Blue through Pearly Aqua to Jet Black, created with a new painting technique and by extending from the windscreen frame to the rear. For this purpose, the three colour shades are applied one after the other in a wet-on-wet painting process. This paint finish, known as Spray Tech, is fully integrated into the mechanised production process at the MINI Oxford plant in the UK. Nevertheless, slight deviations in the colour pattern occur due to changing environmental conditions, so that every MINI with Multitone Roof is already unique ex works.

The choice of body paint finishes includes three new colours. In addition to the Rooftop Grey metallic and Island Blue metallic exterior paint finishes, the Zesty Yellow variant, initially only available for the MINI Convertible, will also be available. As part of the Piano Black Exterior option, the door handles, side scuttles, fuel cap, MINI logos on the bonnet and luggage compartment lid and the model lettering and tailpipes of the exhaust system are now finished in high-gloss black in addition to the surrounds of the headlights, radiator grille and rear lights.

The range of light-alloy wheels available for the MINI has also been extensively renewed. Five new variants are available: 17-inch wheels are now also available in Tentacle Spoke black design, in Scissor Spoke design previously only available for the MINI Sidewalk Convertible, and in a black version of the Pedal Spoke variant which had been previously introduced exclusively for the 60 Years Edition models. In addition there are the 18-inch light-alloy wheels in Pulse Spoke design, with a concentric bi-colour look that creates particularly impressive design accents, as well as John Cooper Works light-alloy wheels in Circuit Spoke black design.

A new, expressively designed version of the LED headlights will be standard equipment on the MINI-3 door, the MINI 5-door and the MINI Convertible. The inner housing of the characteristic round lights is no longer in chrome, but in black. LED units for the low beam and the high beam ensure bright and even illumination of the road. A circumferential light band takes on the function of the daytime running lights and the turn indicators.

The range of functions of the optional Adaptive LED headlights includes the cornering light, the matrix high beam and the bad weather light. When turning, a separate light beam automatically falls on the lane where the driver is headed. The high beam is also automatically controlled according to the respective traffic situation at speeds of more than 70 km/h. For this purpose, the corresponding LED unit is divided into four segments that can be activated and deactivated independently of each other. This matrix function makes it possible to avoid dazzling other road users. As soon as the MINI front camera registers an oncoming vehicle or a vehicle driving ahead, the space that vehicle occupies is only illuminated at low beam brightness. The bad weather light can also be activated at the touch of a button. When visibility is limited, for example due to fog or heavy rain or snow, the low beam can be supplemented by a dimmed cornering light to illuminate the road more intensively. The characteristic rear lights in Union Jack design are now also part of the standard equipment range for the MINI 3-door, the MINI 5-door and the MINI Convertible. 

The redesigned interior of the MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door and MINI Convertible is sophisticated, modern and of particularly high quality. New to the range are sports seats in the Light Chequered colour variant, which perfectly complement the Zesty Yellow exterior paint finish. The familiar Black Pearl fabric quality is given a new, expressive check look in hallmark British MINI style. The seams at the transition to the black imitation leather of the seat bolsters feature a colour scheme that matches the fabric of the seat surfaces.

The design of the Colour Line, which was previously selectable as an individual option, is now harmoniously matched to the respective seat upholstery colour. The number of chrome elements has been significantly reduced throughout the interior. The two outer, round air outlets are now framed by black panels. The internal air vents have been completely redesigned and are now embedded to be flush with the interior surface. The interior surface, which is optionally available in the new Silver Chequered and MINI Yours Aluminium variants as well as Electric for the MINI Cooper SE, now extends across the entire width of the instrument panel into the driver’s area.

The premium look of the hallmark central instrument has also been optimised. An 8.8-inch colour touchscreen display, touch-sensitive favourite buttons and Piano Black high-gloss surfaces are now standard features. In addition, the audio control unit and the function buttons for hazard warning lights and driver assistance systems are integrated even more harmoniously into the circular control unit. In conjunction with the Ambient Light option, a new surface design with laser engraving optimises the appearance of the LED light ring surrounding the central instrument. The operating system controller placed on the centre console now features an all-black surface in conjunction with a navigation system.

Sports leather steering wheel now standard, digital cockpit optional.

A newly designed sports leather steering wheel with multifunction buttons will be part of the standard equipment of all model variants of the MINI-3 door, MINI-5 door and MINI Convertible. A new structure for the keypads optimises operation of the audio and telephone functions, voice control and driver assistance systems. The John Cooper Works Trim, MINI Yours Trim and MINI Electric Trim equipment packages feature a particularly high-grade version of the sports leather steering wheel. It features a nappa leather surface and larger thumb rests. For the first time, steering wheel heating is also available as an optional extra for the MINI small car models.

A multifunctional instrument display behind the steering wheel is a component of the Connected Media option. The digital colour display in black panel design, which is standard in the MINI Cooper SE, has a 5-inch diameter and displays all driving-relevant information as well as check-control messages and status displays of the driver assistance systems. In the all-electric MINI, it also serves as a charging status indicator while connected to the power grid.

The new “Lounge” and  “Sport” modes.

There is a choice of two colour schemes for the central instrument display and the digital cockpit display, which can be called up in the control system menu. In “Lounge” mode, the content displayed is in a relaxing colour setting ranging between turquoise and petrol blue. If “Sport” mode is active, the screen backgrounds are red and anthracite. On vehicles equipped with the optional MINI Driving Modes, the colour scheme is linked to the respective vehicle setting selected. In the MID and GREEN modes, the “lounge” style screen display is then called up, and when driving in “SPORT” mode, the corresponding colour scheme of the same name is also activated. Optionally, a uniform colour scheme for all MINI Driving Modes can be set in the control system menu.

In conjunction with the new Ambient Light option, the colour worlds of the displays can also be combined with the interior light control. There is a choice of six interior light colours for each of the two modes “Lounge” and “Sport”. They can each be set using a toggle switch located in the upper area of the windscreen frame. Corresponding coloured light is then emitted from the laser-engraved LED ring of the central instrument, from the now indirectly illuminated undersides of the interior surfaces, along the contours of the door panels, at the driver’s and passenger’s door openers, from the base of the roof as well as in the front area of the centre console and in the footwells. This provides an individually configurable and always harmonious lighting mood in the interior of the MINI 3-door, the MINI 5-door and the MINI Convertible. In addition, the Ambient Light option also illuminates the door handles and the entry areas on the driver and passenger sides.

Engines with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology and Euro 6d emission standard.

Powerful and efficient petrol engines with three or four cylinders constitute the drive portfolio for the MINI 3-door, the MINI 5-door and the MINI Convertible. Their MINI TwinPower Turbo technology is made up of a turbocharging unit integrated into the exhaust manifold, direct petrol injection and variable valve timing. The 3-cylinder engines, each with a capacity of 1.5 litres, are available in three versions with outputs ranging from 55 kW/75 hp to 75 kW/102 hp and 100 kW/136 hp. The 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine generates a maximum output of 1131 kW/178 hp or 170 kW/231 hp in the two John Cooper Works models. Thanks to consistently optimised emission control technology, which includes a petrol engine particulate filter, all model variants comply with the Euro 6d emission standard.

With its 135 kW/184 hp electric motor, the MINI Cooper SE provides emission-free driving fun. Power is transmitted via a single-stage automatic transmission. The high-voltage lithium-ion battery, which is located deep in the vehicle floor and has a gross energy content of 32.6 kWh, enables a range of 203 to 234 kilometres as determined in the WLTP test cycle.

The combustion engines of the MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door and MINI Convertible are combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard. With the exception of the entry-level engine for the MINI 3-door and the MINI 5-door, they can also deliver their power to the front wheels via a 7-speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch (John Cooper Works models: 8-speed Steptronic transmission).

The spontaneous power delivery of the engines, precise steering, powerful brakes and suspension and damper tuning designed for spirited handling are what characterise the MINI’s agile driving characteristics. A new version of the Adaptive Suspension, available for the first time on MINI models, now redefines the brand’s hallmark go-kart feeling. It achieves a noticeably optimised balance between sportiness and ride comfort through the use of continuous frequency-selective damping. An additional valve acting on the traction side takes over the task of smoothing out sudden pressure peaks within the damper. The damper force is adjusted within 50 to 100 milliseconds.

Depending on the driving situation and road conditions, the damping forces can be reduced by up to 50 percent. This significantly increases ride comfort and superior handling when compensating for slight bumps in the road, while maintaining the sporty characteristics of the damping when turning in to a corner, for example. The innovative damper technology is available for all model variants except the MINI One First, the MINI One and the MINI Cooper SE.

The MINI Cooper SE comes with an electric parking brake as standard. It is activated and released with a button on the centre console and is also available in the other model variants, with the exception of the MINI One First, in conjunction with an automatic transmission, the optional Driving Assistance Package and at least 17-inch light-alloy wheels.

Staying on course at all times: Lane departure warning:

The Driver Assistance Package, available as an optional extra for the MINI 3-door, the MINI 5-door and the MINI Convertible, ensures maximum comfort and safety with an extended range of functions. The new lane departure warning, which is a component of this option, helps the driver stay safely on the chosen course at speeds between 70 and 210 km/h. To prevent unintentional lane departure, the system registers markings at the edge of the lane and alerts the driver if there is a risk of deviation by vibrating the steering wheel.

Maintaining speed and distance more comfortably: The new
Active Cruise Control – now featuring Stop & Go function.

By evaluating the images from the front camera, the conditions for another driver assistance system are created. This feature is available for the first time for the MINI 3-door, the MINI 5-door and the MINI Convertible. The new Driver Assistance Package Plus includes Active Cruise Control, which now also offers a Stop & Go function in conjunction with an automatic transmission. It automatically maintains the desired speed and the distance to vehicles ahead in four stages. The system uses data registered by the front camera installed in the upper part of the windscreen frame to adjust speed and distance according to the situation.

The combined speed and distance control can be used in the range between 30 and 140 km/h. If necessary, the system can brake the vehicle to a standstill. To start up again from a standstill, you only need to briefly depress the accelerator pedal.

New equipment packages and trims allow for targeted individualisation.

A newly structured range of trims and equipment packages permits customers to optimally customise the MINI 3-door, the MINI 5-door and the MINI Convertible. It allows customers to add their favourite options to the extended standard equipment range of the MINI in a simple and coherent way. The trims are distinguished above all by their independent and harmoniously coordinated exterior and interior design features. Individual wishes regarding comfort, driver assistance, operation and networking can also be fulfilled thanks to a clear selection of equipment packages.  In addition, a reduced number of individual options remain for the final configuration of the vehicle, oriented towards the customer’s personal style.

The trims available to complement the extensive range of standard equipment also each include the Ambient Light and MINI Driving Modes options. The Classic Trim also includes particularly attractive exterior paint finishes and light-alloy wheels as well as sports seats in the fabric/leatherette combination Black Pearl/Carbon Black and the interior surface in the Piano Black variant.

Added driving fun and sporty appeal is achieved with the John Cooper Works Trim, which is available for all model version with the exception of the MINI One First and the MINI Cooper SE. This is ensured by a specific selection of exterior paint finishes, the John Cooper Works Aerodynamic Kit, the Piano Black exterior option and 17-inch light-alloy wheels in Track Spoke Black design or 18-inch light-alloy wheels in Circuit Spoke design for the MINI John Cooper Works and MINI John Cooper Works Convertible models. In addition, the Adaptive Chassis is part of the John Cooper Works Trim. In the interior, John Cooper Works sports seats in the Dinamica/leather combination Carbon Black, the nappa leather steering wheel with John Cooper Works logo, the interior surface in Piano Black, John Cooper Works door sill trims, the anthracite-coloured roof liner and stainless steel pedals add to the joy of driving a MINI even more.

The MINI Yours Trim gives the car a particularly stylish touch with high-quality exterior paintwork and MINI Yours logos on the B and C columns of the MINI 3-door and MINI 5-door models respectively, as well as 18-inch light-alloy wheels in MINI Yours British Spoke design and 17-inch light-alloy wheels in Roulette Spoke design for the MINI Cooper SE. The exclusive ambience in the interior is provided by sports seats in the MINI Yours Leather Lounge Carbon Black version, the nappa leather steering wheel with MINI Yours logo, the anthracite roof liner, MINI Yours floor mats and the interior surface in the new MINI Yours Aluminium version. The MINI Yours Trim is offered for all model variants with the exception of the MINI One First.

The Electric Trim is available exclusively for the MINI Cooper SE. It includes White Silver metallic paint finish with a black roof and yellow exterior mirror caps and 17-inch light-alloy wheels in Electric Power Spoke design as well as Cross Punch Carbon Black leather upholstery, a nappa leather steering wheel with MINI Electric logo and the anthracite roof liner.

The newly compiled equipment packages include optional comfort, driver assistance and connectivity functions. The new comfort package, for example, includes automatic air conditioning, the centre armrest, the interior mirror with automatic anti-dazzle function, the exterior mirror package and the storage package. The Comfort Plus Package adds comfort access, heated seats and steering wheel.

The Driver Assistance Package includes Park Distance Control with sensors at the rear and the rear-view camera, as well as cruise control with braking function and Driving Assistant including the new lane departure warning. With the Driver Assistance Package Plus, these functions are supplemented by the Parking Assistant and Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function.

New operating system with modern graphics display and additional connectivity features.

The operating system of the MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door and MINI Convertible is now more advanced than ever before thanks to a new graphics display and further developed options for selecting and controlling vehicle functions, audio system, hands-free telephone system, navigation and apps.  The screen display with symbols and white text on new colour backgrounds has a particularly high-grade and modern look.

The desired menu items are displayed as “live widgets” and can be called up by swiping the touchscreen, whereupon they are shown in enlarged form in the centre of the display. This stages the content even more vividly.

Advanced connectivity features, audio and navigation features are combined in three further equipment packages that build on each other. The multifunctional instrument display, MINI Connected, ConnectedDrive and Remote Services are all components of the Connected Media package. The Connected Navigation Package adds the MINI navigation system including Real Time Traffic Information and Apple CarPlay preparation. The Connected Navigation Plus package also adds MINI Connected XL, Concierge Services, MINI Head-Up Display and telephony with wireless charging.

Always connected to your MINI: The new MINI App.

The new MINI App offers an advanced user experience that is completely oriented towards a digital lifestyle. It allows drivers to contact their MINI at any time, for example to call up information on the car’s status or to prepare the next excursion. The MINI App, which can currently be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in 30 European countries as well as in South Korea, serves as a universal interface between the smartphone or other personal devices and the car. The MINI App features fresh design and new functions.

For example, the fuel level or charge status can be called up remotely. With Remote Services, the MINI can be located and its doors locked or unlocked. You can also send navigation destinations from a smartphone directly to the car. Service appointments can also be arranged very conveniently using the MINI App. Model-specific MINI Electric services are another component of the app. The charging process can also be controlled from a distance and – depending on the time of year – the auxiliary heating or auxiliary air conditioning of the MINI Cooper SE can be activated. By mid-2021, the MINI App will be available in more than 40 countries and 23 languages.

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