Opel Digitises Model Names

The German carmaker, Opel, is taking the digitisation of its product portfolio to the next level. The names, engine designations and emblems of future Opel models will be replaced by iQR codes. While the infotainment systems of the models from Astra to Zafira Life already seamlessly connect drivers and passengers with the digital world, it’s now a breeze for other road users and even pedestrians to get in touch with the vehicle occupants.

Opel turned its vision to further develop QR code technology into reality and has given this a new name in the design laboratory. The so-called iQR code designs from Rüsselsheim bring the virtual sphere into the real world. They can take on any form – such as that of the legendary Manta logo, which can be seen in its most beautifully digitised form on the just-announced Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD. In this case, the Manta served as the fishy pilot for Opel’s graphic designers and IT developers who turned the ray-shaped logo into an iQR code design.

“Writing the code for the logo of the Manta GSe ElektroMOD was a unique experience: to remodel the square form of the conventional QR code into the shape of a ray, in addition to preserving the natural movement of a swimming manta in the digital animation – that’s what I call a real challenge. That we managed to achieve this futuristic vision is nothing less than sensational,” says Opel Chief Graphic Designer iQR codes Hara Masahiro Junior II – a descendant of the famous inventor of the first QR code.

In future, the brand will create a unique iQR code design for every new model line. The next Astra generation debuting at the end of this year will start things off with a bang: outer space will be a step closer when this glowing heavenly body is transformed into a radiant iQR code design.

Opel’s revolutionary technology opens up new, human, approachable possibilities for communication. Other road users can then simply scan the code on Opel models with their mobile phone and contact the driver directly. So text messages, voicemails and visuals are effortlessly transmitted to the infotainment system in the vehicle – for instance when you want to give the other person the right of way or just say how ultra-stylish the Opel looks with the cool iQR code design.

But the innovative Opel iQR code design can do much more. It becomes a virtual multi-functional tool that can be used to carry out all processes related to your own car. So of course payment information can also be stored in the iQR code design. An authorised repair shop only needs to scan the code and can debit the amount for repairs to your car directly from your account – this can even be done in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins. How cool is that!

With the iQR code design of the new models, Opel continues driving forward its digitisation offensive. The car-maker is convinced that the transparency gained between road users will lead to new and creative forms of interaction. Opel’s iQR code design brings a whole new level of connectivity and harmony to everyday road traffic.

And so the QR code story comes full circle. The “Quick Response” code began its march to fame in Japan, where it was first used to identify parts and components in the logistics of automobile production. Opel now impressively shows how much potential still remains in the technology. Instead of saving just 7,089 digits or 4,296 symbols, the code further developed by Opel moves and takes on different shapes, such as on the Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD. Absolutely visionary and previously unimaginable – now the sky’s the limit for digital interaction.

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