Driven: Dacia Duster LPG Version – the most economical solution for the Eastern Europe

Dacia Duster leaves the factory with an installation that allows it to be equipped with LPG. It is mounted on the supercharged one-liter engine in the Dacia range on several models. In this form, the Romanian SUV returned to the test-drive series.

The design of the Dacia Duster has been substantially modified. The horizontal lines that mark both the front and the rear of the vehicle underline the impression of width and stability of the car.
The new flag bars, front shield and rear bumper protection featurea design that reinforces the rugged look of the New Duster. Also, part of the new identity that all Dacia models will have is the L-shaped light signature of the LED daytime running lights. The rear optical blocks have a slightly square shape and are very modern.

The engine and how we feel the car
Under the hood we will find a new engine produced by the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The new direct injection turbo engine integrates a particulate filter (GPF) that ensures a significant reduction in pollutant emissions. The one liter TCe unit has a petrol and LPG supply van, being one of the cheapest engines to operate. The engine on the test machine produces 100 hp. It makes the 4 × 2 Duster a fast and fast car. The well-tiered 5-speed gearbox delivers very good engine power, ensuring extra operating comfort. With the help of LPG, the car runs in the cheapest mode possible. Also, the cumulative autonomy of the two tanks goes well over 1000 kilometers.
The new Duster has a better dynamic behavior than the previous generation and a better response from the wheel. The car has been better soundproofed, and the suspensions are more comfortable and, at the same time, making the Duster to adhere betteron the road when cornering.

Interior design
The interior design has been completely revised to become more practical and comfortable. The arrangement of the windshield 10 centimeters ahead gives a feeling of increased space inside. Particular attention was paid to improving the design and materials. The MediaNav system is better positioned compared to the driver, the overall ergonomics being better.
The volume of storage spaces inside increases by 5.8 l, reaching a total of 28.6 l. Among the new spaces is a drawer located under the front passenger seat, with a capacity of 2.7 litres.
Inside, it can accommodate 5 people and their luggage, which makes Duster the next multifunctional and family vehicle we want to buy.

The new Duster also offers a series of unique equipment in the Dacia range, expected by customers: «multiview camera» system, blind spot overtaking sensor and curtain type aribags. The Hill Descent Control system, complemented by the Hill Start Assist, facilitates driving in rough terrain.
For off-road enthusiasts, the 4 × 4 information screen displays a compass and indicates the inclination of the vehicle in real time.

Dacia Duster TCe 100 LPG
0-100 km / h: 14.4 sec
Top speed: 172 km / h
L / l / î: 4,341 / 1,804 / 1,693
Own weight: 1,252 kg
Luggage compartment: 467 liters
Gas tank: 50 liters
LPG tank: 33 liters
Cylinder (cmc): 999
Power (HP): 100 to 5,000 rpm
Maximum torque (Nm): 170 to 2,000 rpm
Average consumption: 6 l / 100 km (mixed) – petrol
6.9 l / 100 km (mixed) LPG
Gearbox: manual, 5-speed

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