Dacia Jogger will be the name of a new family 7 seater

It will be known as Dacia Jogger! A simple, strong, and international name for the latest big brother sibling in the Dacia family – a versatile 7-seater family car – that will be unveiled during a live on-line event on September 3rd.  The first opportunity to see the Dacia Jogger in its true outdoor environment will take place on September 6th at the main gates of the 2021 IAA Motor Show in Munich.

With 5 or 7 seats, the Dacia Jogger is described bu the producer like the best companion for (large) families. Versatile, it goes with all family members in their daily adventures and their trips in the nature. With the pragmatic spirit that characterises it, Dacia offers a vehicle that allows its customers to enjoy the simple pleasures in life with friends and family in complete freedom.

The name is explained in the press release: “Jogger is a simple, modern name that anyone can pronounce and is universally intelligible. It represents the dynamism, the positive energy, and the outdoor spirit. The suffix ‘er’ as Duster, the Dacia’s iconic SUV model, evokes the robustness and endurance of an ideal everyday companion for Dacia families.”

It will then be on show shortly after, on September 6th, at IAA Mobility in Munich with Dacia CEO, Denis Le Vot, and a program of new and exciting showcases events throughout the city starting on September 7th.

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