New Opel Astra premieres today in Rüsselsheim

Opel presented today the all-new sixth generation of the Astra in Rüsselsheim today. In the presence of 180 journalists and in front of around 500 other media representatives via livestream, the new CEO Uwe Hochgeschurtz presented the newcomer on his first day at Opel. The Opel boss was supported by Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp.

Klopp had the opportunity to drive a pre-production model for a few kilometres during a visit to the Opel Design studios in the summer. For the first time, the bestseller with the Blitz is now electrified. The new Astra will be available as plug-in hybrid when the order books open in October. The purely battery-electric Opel Astra-e will additionally come onto the market in 2023. The new Astra generation is also available with highly efficient petrol and diesel engines. So customers can select their drivetrain of choice. Prices for the new Astra start at €22,465.

“A fantastic car! The new Astra will open an exciting new chapter in the history of Opel compact class models. This will be the first time that we offer both a battery-electric and a plug-in hybrid version of the same model. I am confident that the new Astra and Astra-e will make a powerful impression and attract many new customers to the brand,” said Opel CEO Uwe Hochgeschurtz at the world premiere in Rüsselsheim.

And Opel brand ambassador Jürgen Klopp described the first impressions he got from a pre-production vehicle: “I had the chance to drive a camouflaged Astra plug-in hybrid – really very impressive. Quiet and powerful at the same time, the handling almost like a sports car. And the design: bold, innovative, creative. Well done Opel!”

30 years of Opel Astra: Bestseller and face of the brand

Opel has sold almost 15 million Astra models since the premiere of the Kadett successor in 1991. 30 years later, the compact class model is more leading edge than ever. The new Opel Astra is a design statement for the brand. Dynamic as never before, with sheer, taut surfaces, detoxed of superfluous elements and with the new brand face – the Opel Vizor. The sixth generation launches this year as a sporty five-door with a low-slung look and yet more space than its predecessor. The new generation was designed and developed at Opel’s headquarters in Rüsselsheim where production will begin this autumn. The newcomer brings innovations to the compact class that customers previously only knew from more expensive vehicles. For example, the Astra debuts the latest evolution of the adaptive Intelli-Lux LED® Pixel Light. The lighting system comes straight from Opel’s flagship Insignia, and with 168 LED elements, it leads the way in the compact and midsize market sectors.

A leap in time has taken place in the interior of the new generation Astra. With the fully digital Pure Panel, analogue instruments are consigned to history. Instead, the new human-machine-interface (HMI) with fresh, modern graphics offers customers a pure, more intuitive experience. Operation is via an extra-wide touchscreen, just like a smartphone. Never before has an Opel been so intuitive and easy to operate as the new Astra.

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