Citroen focuses on ë-Berlingo and ë-SpaceTourer

From January 2022, all new orders of Berlingo or SpaceTourer will be for the 100% electric version, which becomes the only offer available to order on these two models. A pioneer in the MPV and Leisure Activity vehicle segments, Citroën is shifting its offer on these 2 segments towards an energy of the future that will allow customers to continue to be able to move freely and with controlled cost of use, while taking advantage of the livability and practicality offered by these two lines.

Citroen C3 Saint James limited edition a unique french-japanese collaboration

Citroën and Saint James are presenting the results of their new collaboration through the C3 Saint James limited edition. This collection is the continuation of a first meeting between the two international brands in Japan in 2019. Based on the top-of-the-range Shine level of Citroën’s best-seller, C3 Saint James offers a refined ambience through subtle coloured graphic elements on the outside and a specific colour and material trim on the inside. The C3 Saint James limited edition will be available to order in France from 1st June and will arrive in Citroën point of sales after the summer.

A succes for the third generation Citroën C3: 1 million cars produced

The third generation Citroën C3 has just reached the one million mark in terms of vehicles produced at the factory in Trnava, Slovakia. Launched in November 2016. C3 ranks now among the top 7 major actors in its market in Europe in 2020. It is even among the top 3 best-selling models in its segment for major markets such as France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Slovakia, and Bulgaria.

Citroen’s all new C5 X wants to be the ultimate all purpose car

Citroën has unveiled its new flagship, C5 X, which breathes new life into the large car segment with an original design that combines a saloon and an station wagon, an innovative proposition in the purest tradition of great Citroën cars. This new model, available in both petrol and plug-in hybrid versions, expresses modernity, status and innovation, all of which are high expectations for customers in the large car as well as SUV segments.

Citroën launches a more mature C3 Aircross

Produced in 330,000 units since launch at end-2017, C3 Aircross is pursuing its offensive in a highly competitive segment. Customers were immediately convinced by its assertive, appealing and ultra-customisable design, as well as its spaciousness and unrivalled modularity. Illustrating its powers of attraction, the majority of customers opt for high-end versions, with the Shine level accounting for 62% of sales. Offering extensive versatility in use with its compact exterior and generous cabin space, it is an ideal vehicle for motorists with active lifestyles looking for more comfort and modularity as well as precise handling and agility for daily use. C3 Aircross SUV has been restyled with an even more distinctive personality, with enhanced status and modernity, together with stronger cabin comfort, greater peace of mind and extra versatility in use.