Dacia Jogger – the 7-seater family car

Dacia underscores its C-segment ambition with a new family model accessible offering 5- and 7-seater versions. The Dacia Jogger stands as the fourth pillar of Dacia’s product strategy. Having released its small all-electric city car Spring, compact Sandero, and SUV Duster, Dacia is now revamping its family car into a new 7-seater model. A new model launch that follows on with Dacia’s plan to renew its range, with two more models set to be released by 2025.

Dacia Jogger will be the name of a new family 7 seater

It will be known as Dacia Jogger! A simple, strong, and international name for the latest big brother sibling in the Dacia family – a versatile 7-seater family car – that will be unveiled during a live on-line event on September 3rd.  The first opportunity to see the Dacia Jogger in its true outdoor environment will take place on September 6th at the main gates of the 2021 IAA Motor Show in Munich.

Duster, the rescuer!

Since 2013, Dacia has been a partner to three mountain rescue associations in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. Every year, three Duster are loaned free of charge to the response teams to transport equipment, rescue dogs and survivors, in wild, hard-to-reach locations. These volunteers risk their lives to come to the aid of others. They show us how they use this precious logistical support.